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We Buy Scrap Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Circuit Boards

Buyers of Scrap Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Circuit Boards

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Recycle your old Christmas Tree Lights

Do you have burnt out, tangled or otherwise unusable Holiday light strands? Send us your Icicle lights, Christmas Tree lights, LED lights, outdoor holiday lights or any other lighting strands. We will happily recycle it for you in an environmentally friendly manner.  
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Recycle Gold Plated Pins and Gold Plated Scrap

Gold plated pins and other gold plated material is the highest yeilding e-scrap. The gold on these sources is typically present in higher quanitities and more readily recovered than other types of scrap material. This means a higher payout for you. Common sources include connector pins, circuit board fingers, manufacturing blanks and more.  
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Learn about our Refining Process

Our Process

Our 5 step process ensures you get the highest yield for your scrap. We'll keep you informed each step of the way as we convert your scrap into cash.

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Learn about our Commercial Services

Commercial Services

We offer transportation, disassembly and refining services for customers with 10,000 lbs or more of mainframe, military and commercial equipment.

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We buy Electroics Scrap

Electronics Scrap

Sell us your electronic scrap, computer scrap, gold connector pins, CPU chips, motherboards, phone systems, and circuit boards from computers, cell phones,  phone systems, test equipment, or military electronic devices.

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How Much Gold is in a Computer?

It's the question everyone has been asking - How much gold and other precious materials are in a computer? We explore the contents of a old computer to see just where the gold, silver, platinum and palladium are hiding.  
See what precious metal is in a computer
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Sell your scrap Gold

We buy gold from nearly any source ranging from old jewlery and gold coins, to electronic and computer scrap, to gold plated pins and connectors. We refine carat scrap for cash and provide world class services for large quantities of E-scrap.   
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Sell your scrap Platinum

We buy old platinum jewlery, platinum thermocouple wires, platinum crucibles, catalysts, and oxygen sensors. We can recycle platinum from vacuum deposition, electrodes, and bench sweeps. We offer reliable service, high settlements and fast payment for platinum.
Sell us your scrap platinum
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Sell your scrap Silver

We buy old silver rings, silver necklaces, silver earings, silver pendants, silver bracelets and other jewlery. Sell us your silver coins, silver silverware, silver candlesticks or even silver dental scrap for cash. Brazing rods, silver solder, silver electrical contacts. We buy sterling silver, pure silver or any other grade of silver with reliable service
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We have the equipment, expertise and capacity to quickly and professionally handle all your needs, whether it’s refining small amounts of gold, silver, platinum or palladium or dissembling large computer mainframes and other commercial scale equipment.

Our shipping logistics allows us to efficiently meet the needs of our customers while providing them with easy to use tracking and scheduling capabilities.

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