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We buy nearly any type of electronic and computer scrap (E-Scrap) ranging from circuit boards, to whole computers and servers, to individual components. Nearly all E-Scrap has precious metals (such as gold, silver, palladium and platinum) contained within it. We will pay you top dollar for the precious material that we recycle and refine from your scrap.

We can handle any volume of E-Scrap. Our team is ready to recycle old equipment from site-wide upgrades, warehouse clean-outs, or set-up recovery services for retailers who accept used equipment from their customers. We can buy pallets of whole computers, server racks and telecommunications equipment. Telecom and military test equipment are a specialty of ours.

We are also happy to refine a few pounds at a time for smaller recycling jobs. There are minimum quantities on some materials to ensure your profitability.

We look forwards to serving you with our experience, state of the art equipment and friendly, down to earth service. Our online tracking system enables you to receive status updates and track the progress of your material from receipt to settlement. Why sell your scrap to us?

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Examples of Computer/Electronics Scrap we Buy

We buy a huge array of computer and electronics scrap from many fields. Below are some examples of what we buy. If your E-Scrap is not listed here, contact us and we can help evaluate its worth.

Area Computer/Electronics Scrap we Buy
Computers How Much Gold is in a PC?
Whole Computers, Processors (CPU chips) , RAM (Memory Modules), Motherboards, Expansion boards
Servers Mainframes, Rack Servers, Server Cicruit Boards
Telecommunications Telcom Test Equiptment, Switchs, Replaced equiptment
Military Military Test Equiptment
EScrap Cicruitboards, Gold plated material, Gold plated pins, Fingers, edge connectors, wire


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