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Commercial Services

We can handle any amount of material and offer three shipping plans for large and repeat customers. Please contact us for how we can serve your shipping needs.

  1. Standard Shipping - For those who regularly accumulate a large quantity of material.  We will provide you with a standard sized shipping container and whenever you fill it, just log-on to your The Refining Company account and request a pick-up. A shipper will collect the box and deliver it to us for processing.
  2. Custom Shipping - For those who regularly accumulate material, but wish to ship it themselves. You provide the boxes and when you fill them, log-on to inform us and ship the material yourself. In accordance with your contract, we will refund your shipping.
  3. Large Scale shipping - For those with very large amount of material (10,000+ lbs), we can arrange a custom shipping plan to meet your needs. This may include sending one or more trucks to collect your material on site.
To get started, contact us to speak with a representative. We look forwards to creating a shipping plan that works for you.
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