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We buy gold in any form; sell us your scrap gold for the highest prices. Gold is one of the most versatile and sought after materials on earth; its high value ensures that gold containing scrap will net a high return. We buy gold carat scrap (such as jewelry), gold industrial scrap (typically as plating or shielding), all forms of electronic scrap and any other gold containing material.


We look forwards to serving you with our experience, state of the art equipment and friendly, down to earth service. Our online tracking system enables you to receive status updates and track the progress of your material from receipt to settlement. Why sell your scrap to us?

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Gold Carat Scrap

The largest use for gold is in jewelry (50% of new gold). Pure gold is very soft and malleable; a pure gold ring would deform every time you bend your finger. To prevent this, gold jewelry is nearly always mixed (alloyed) with other metals to give it additional strength and hardness. The quantity of gold in carat scrap is measured in Carats (ct or kt); 24 carat is pure gold, 18 carat is 75% pure, 12 carat is 50%, etc.

Common sources of gold carat scrap are old jewelry (earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc), flatware, and estate items.

Selling your carat scrap to us is easy. We buy any quantity of carat scrap, perform an assay (chemical or x-ray spectroscopy) to determine its purity, and pay you for the percentage of gold it contains. Sending your old gold jewelry to a website understandably requires a high degree of trust. Give us a call; a friendly representative can walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have. A strategy that many of our repeat customers have used is to send us a small batch of your material to ‘test us out’ and if we provide you with exceptional service (and a high settlement), send us the rest.

Gold industrial scrap

Gold lends itself to many commercial and industrial applications. It is chemically stable, resistant to tarnish, highly malleable and ductile, and is the 3rd best conductor of electricity (only copper and silver are better). 10% of new gold production is for industrial applications such as shielding on helmets, cockpit windows, engine compartments, cranberry colored glass, sepia colored toner, reflectors and many more.

We are experts at assaying and refining gold from a very diverse range of materials. Send us pictures or call us to discuss your material; we can help estimate how much gold (and any other precious metals) it may contain and create a plan for getting you the most money for your material.

Electronics scrap

Most electronic and computer scrap contains some amount of gold due to its superior electronic properties. 40% of new gold production is used for electronic's applications. We buy everything from circuit boards, to whole computers, to connectors and pins. Our electronics scrap section details how to get cash for your scrap electronics.

Elemental Gold

We buy gold in its ‘raw’ forms as well. Sell us your gold power, filings, flakes, dust, sweeps, shot, or any other form of gold. Even paper towels with gold dust on them can be valuable.

Examples of Gold we Buy

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Other metals we buy and refine:



  • Platinum thermocouple wire
  • Platinum crucibles and wire
  • We also buy Platinum sputtering targets
  • Industrial, Medical or Laboratory scrap containing Platinum
  • Vacuum Deposition Boats
  • Old platinum Jewelry
  • Platinum Jeweler's Sweeps, Polishings etc.


  • Industrial, Medical or Laboratory scrap containing Palladium
  • Old Palladium Jewelry
  • Jeweler's Sweeps, Polishings etc.


  • Prepared or unprepared Ash
  • Wet or dry Residues, Wet Sludges
  • Silver Catalysts from
    • Ethylene Oxide manufacturing
    • Formaldehyde manufacturing
  • Wet or dry Silver Chloride or Silver Sulphide
  • Wet or dry Steel Wool Residues
  • Prepared Sweeps
  • Photographic Film waste - edge trimmings, rejects, damaged & outdated