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Terms and Conditions

By sending your material to The Refining Company, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


The Refining Company will purchase your material and pay you for the precious metals contained within it. The price we offer is based on our analysis of the precious metal content of the material and the amount of processing required to recover it. We may refuse to purchase material that does not contain a minimal amount of recoverable precious metals.

Offer Price

We will offer you a price using the following options:

If you email us, we will send your offer in email. If you call us or request to be called if you submit your information on the website, we may make you a verbal offer. We can email you the verbal offer if you request.

You must contact us before sending any material. We will give you the shipping authorization number that enables you to print the required packing slip.


Once you accept an offer price (or arrange to send us a sample), you must print out and sign a packing slip from the shipping authorization page. The signed packing slip must be included in your shipment. We cannot accept material that does not include a signed packing slip. We will use the packing slip to ensure that we received what you intended to send us. If the contents of your shipment do not match the packing slip, we will not process your order until you give us permission. You can also request to have your material returned (shipping costs and packing fees may apply.)

We will send you an email when we receive your package. We cannot be responsible for packages that are lost in the mail; we are not liable for packages that do not arrive. Please insure your packages appropriately.

We will not open packages that are clearly damaged or tampered with without your written permission. We can take pictures and show you the condition of the box, or send the package back (shipping costs and packing fees may apply.) If you give us permission to open the package, we cannot be liable for missing or damaged materials. Please package your material in durable packaging.

We will reimburse the shipping costs on shipments with a $100 or greater settlement (not to exceed 20% of the settlement. E.g if your settlement is for $200, we will reimburse up to $40 in shipping costs). We can only reimburse the shipping costs on samples if you later send us the full shipment (and it has a $100 or greater settlement.)

Material Processing

Once we receive your shipment and verify the contents, we will test and then process it. Testing and processing your material will force us to crush, melt, dissolve and otherwise irreparably alter the material. Once we have tested your material, it cannot be returned in its original form.

Requesting material return

You can request to have your material returned via email or by calling us.

Processing Time

The length of time it takes to process your material is based on many factors and varies greatly. We will communicate with you (via email, or phone if you request) how long it will take to process once we receive your material and keep you informed of any changes. Processing material on a recovery basis will take the longest.


We will pay you within 3-5 business days after processing your material. You can choose from the following payment options:

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