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We buy platinum in nearly any form for the best prices. As one of the most valuable materials on earth, even a small quantity of platinum can yield a large settlement. We buy scrap platinum thermocouple wires, crucibles, bench sweeps, jewelry, electrodes, oxygen sensors, and more. Our chemists can even recover platinum from platinum containing solutions.

We look forwards to serving you with our experience, state of the art equipment and friendly, down to earth service. Our online tracking system enables you to receive status updates and track the progress of your material from receipt to settlement. Why sell your scrap to us?

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Platinum is an extraordinary element. It cannot be oxidized, few acids can harm it, and it has excellent resistance to wear and tear. It repels corrosion in harsh environment and high temperatures and is a great conductor of electricity. This makes it very suitable for a wide range of industrial applications such as catalysts, electrodes, oxygen sensors, spark plugs and in turbine engines. Platinum is also very rare (0.005 ppm in the earth’s crust) which accounts for its high price.

Our modern refining techniques ensure that we recover the maximum scrap platinum from your material. We use equipment such as induction furnaces to ensure that all of your scrap platinum is recovered.

Thermocouple wire

One of the best sources of platinum is thermocouple wire. Type B, S, and R thermocouple wire has platinum in them. A quick way to test if the wire is likely platinum is to: Heat it up to red hot, let it air cool. If it looks exactly the same as before you heated it, it's probably platinum. If after heating it is discolored or rainbow colored, it is not platinum.

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We are unable to purchase catalytic converters.

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