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Materials we buy and refine:



  • Old Gold dental bridges and crowns
  • Industrial Gold plating, stripping and other solutions containing gold
  • Old Gold jewelry, estates items
  • Gold Bench Sweeps, polishings and fines
  • Electronic Scrap Gold connector pins, CPU chips
  • Dental and Medical laboratory scrap
  • Gold plated and Gold filled electronic pins, jewelry, flatware etc.



  • Platinum thermocouple wire
  • Platinum crucibles and wire
  • We also buy Platinum sputtering targets
  • Industrial, Medical or Laboratory scrap containing Platinum
  • Vacuum Deposition Boats
  • Old platinum Jewelry
  • Platinum Jeweler's Sweeps, Polishings etc.


 Electronics Scrap

  • Electronic Scrap Gold connector pins, CPU chipsps
  • Motherboards, Phone systems
  • PC boards from Computers, cars, phone systems, test equipment, Military electronic devices
  • Plated pins from computer cables/ connectors



  • Prepared or unprepared Ash
  • Wet or dry Residues, Wet Sludges
  • Silver Catalysts from
    • Ethylene Oxide manufacturing
    • Formaldehyde manufacturing
  • Wet or dry Silver Chloride or Silver Sulphide
  • Wet or dry Steel Wool Residues
  • Prepared Sweeps
  • Photographic Film waste - edge trimmings, rejects, damaged & outdated



  • Industrial, Medical or Laboratory scrap containing Palladium
  • Old Palladium Jewelry
  • Jeweler's Sweeps, Polishings etc.


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