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We buy palladium in nearly any form for the best prices. Palladium is a platinum group precious metal which makes it extremely valuable. Even a small quantity of palladium can yield a large settlement. We buy industrial, medical and laboratory scrap containing palladium, as well as palladium jewelry, jewelers sweeps and polishes. We also buy scrap palladium used in medical fields such as surgical equipment, blood sugar test strips and dentistry applications.

We look forwards to serving you with our experience, state of the art equipment and friendly, down to earth service. Our team works hard to ensure you get the maximum price for your material. Our online tracking system enables you to receive status updates and track the progress of your material from receipt to settlement. Why sell your scrap to us?

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Palladium shares many physical properties with platinum; it is resistant to oxidation, acids and wear. It is a fine catalyst and fairly easy to work with. It is lighter than platinum and much more abundant, making it less expensive and more widely used. Palladium can be made into a thin leaf like gold, and is often used in solder and ceramic capacitors.

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Examples of Palladium that we buy.

Carat scrap

Palladium containing materials

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Current Palladium Markets

 Palladium Markets

Other metals we buy and refine:



  • Old Gold dental bridges and crowns
  • Industrial Gold plating, stripping and other solutions containing gold
  • Old Gold jewelry, estates items
  • Gold Bench Sweeps, polishings and fines
  • Electronic Scrap Gold connector pins, CPU chips
  • Dental and Medical laboratory scrap
  • Gold plated and Gold filled electronic pins, jewelry, flatware etc.
  • Platinum

    • Platinum thermocouple wire
    • Platinum crucibles and wire
    • We also buy Platinum sputtering targets
    • Industrial, Medical or Laboratory scrap containing Platinum
    • Vacuum Deposition Boats
    • Old platinum Jewelry
    • Platinum Jeweler's Sweeps, Polishings etc.


  • Prepared or unprepared Ash
  • Wet or dry Residues, Wet Sludges
  • Silver Catalysts from
    • Ethylene Oxide manufacturing
    • Formaldehyde manufacturing
  • Wet or dry Silver Chloride or Silver Sulphide
  • Wet or dry Steel Wool Residues
  • Prepared Sweeps
  • Photographic Film waste - edge trimmings, rejects, damaged & outdated