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We buy computer motherboards (and any other cicuitboard as well) and pay you for the precious metals (such as gold, platinum, silver, and palladium) found inside them. Check out what other computer scrap has value or what we buy.

The motherboard is the large circuit board that connects the innards of the PC together. All the components communicate with each other through the motherboard. The motherboard is rich in precious metals and has several of the most valuable parts of the PC attached to it.

The board itself has many gold plated connectors and pins. Older and high-end motherboards (such as those found in rack servers, telecommunications equipment, or military test equipment), often have gold in their traces and components. Motherboards are one of the most value-dense portions of the PC.

Attached to the motherboard are the processor and RAM. These contain precious metals as well. Warning: Motherboards typically have a battery on them - it should not be thrown out. Batteries contain toxic materials and need to be recycled. Batteries should be removed prior to shipping; they can be sent to us for recycling.

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To get started, please contact us, or send us details about your motherboards for a price estimate and shipping arrangments. There are minimum quantities for shipping circuit boards to ensure your profitability (generally 50-100lbs), but we can evaluate your boards to find the right shipping strategy.

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Intel 486 Motherboard from the 1990s.

Intel 486 Motherboard from the 1990s.


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