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We buy computer components and pay you for the precious metals (such as gold, platinum, silver, and palladium) found inside them. See what has value in a PC.

We can purchse most individual components separatly. For example, if you have 50lbs of processors, we can purchase those directly from you. We do have minumum shipment quantities to ensure your profitability. We do not buy monitors, cases, power supplys, mice and keyboards individually; if you have a large quantity of whole computers, we can buy the whole lot (including the components that we don't buy separatly).

We pay more for disassmbled components than whole computers. For example, if you had 2000 pounds of whole computers and you dissasemble them and ship us the separate components, you would be paid more than if you shipped the 2000 pounds of whole computers.

Component Value Do we buy them? Minumum Quantity
Whole Computers $ Yes 1000lbs
Processors $$$$ Yes 10 lbs
RAM $$$ yes 5 lbs
Cicuit boards/Motherboards $$ Yes 50 - 100 lbs
Wires $ Yes 500-800 lbs
Circuit Board Fingers $$$ Yes 5 lbs
Plated Connectors/Pins $$$ Yes 5 lbs
Hard Drives $ Yes 1000 lbs
Disc Drives 0 We will recycle them* -
Computer Cases 0 We will recycle them* -
Power Supplys 0 We will recycle them* -
Mice, Keyboards 0 We will recycle them* -
Monitors 0 We will recycle them* -

* we will recycle peripherials for free as long they are a small percentage of a whole PC shipment.

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