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Minimum Shipment Quantities

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We want you to make as much money as possible from your scrap.  Unfortunately the shipping costs can signifigantly eat into your profits for smaller quantities of some materials. Our minimums are based on years of shipping experience to ensure that the UPS man doesn't make more than you do.

Why is shipping cost an issue?

We purchase a wide variety of EScrap and precious metal containing material. Not all materials are as value dense as others. For example, whole computers have about 2-3 pounds of circuit boards containing a small quantity of gold and other precious metals; there is often 30 pounds or more of steel, aluminum and plastic which is worth very little as scrap.

Shipping even a few dozen whole computers would not be profitable because your shipping costs would exceed the value of the precious metal inside. (Carat scrap and plated materials generally have enough value density to be profitable during shipping.)

There are two ways to get around this issue for computer scrap:

Send very large quantities

Whole computers: if you have more than 1000 pounds of whole computers, we can arrange for a shipping company to pick them up by the pallet. This is far more economical than sending them UPS or FedEx. For whole servers, telcom or military equipment the minimum may be much less: they generally yield more precious metal

Circuit Boards: if you have more than 50-100 pounds of circuit boards, bulk shipping can be economical. Circuit boards vary greatly, so we will work with you to craft a shipping plan for your material.

Dissassemble the Computers

Remove the low value portions and only send the value dense components. This help in two ways: 1.) We can process components easier, and that means we can offer you a higher price and 2.) The value dense components will be much cheaper to ship and be worth more per pound.

Our Minimum Shippment Quantities

Component Minumum Quantity
Carat Scrap None
Non-PC EScrap Varies
Whole Computers 1000 lbs
Processors 10 lbs
RAM 5 lbs
Circuit boards 50 - 100 lbs
Wire 500-800 lbs
Circuit Board Fingers 5 lbs
Plated Pins 5 lbs
Hard Drives 1000 lbs
Disc Drives Only as part of whole computers*
Computer Cases Only as part of whole computers*
Power Supplys Only as part of whole computers*
Monitors Only as part of whole computers*
Mice, Keyboards Only as part of whole computers*

* we will recycle peripherials for free as long they are the minority of the shipment.

Get Started

To get started, please contact us, or send us details about your material to arraign for pricing and shipping. We can work with you to ensure that your material yeilds you the highest possible return.


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